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Signature Project Scheme (Kowloon City District)


Signature Project Scheme (Kowloon City District) –
Revitalisation of the Rear Portion of the Cattle Depot


To enhance local engagement, the Chief Executive announced in the 2013 Policy Address the implementation of the Signature Project Scheme (SPS). The Government has reserved a one-off grant of $100 million for each district to implement one to two SPS projects.

Kowloon City District Council aimed to create more open space in the district through the SPS project with a view to revitalizing the rear portion of the ex-Ma Tau Kok Animal Quarantine Depot (commonly known as “the Cattle Depot”) into a public open space themed on arts and culture.

Overview of the Development Plan for the Rear Portion of the Cattle Depot
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Public Consultation

The Public Consultation in respect of the design of the Signature Project ended on 4 September 2013 and 11 August 2015 –

1st Public Consultation Document
1st Public Consultation – Summary of Public Responses
2nd Public Consultation Document
2nd Public Consultation – Summary of Public Responses

* If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Public engagement/ Publicity events

In order to promote and enhance public awareness and understanding of the project, Kowloon City District Council and the Kowloon City District Office have organized a series of events themed “Cattle Depot: Past, Present and Future” from August 2015 to January 2016.

Event Highlights