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Welcome Message

Welcome to the homepage of the Kwai Tsing District Council(K&T DC).

In an era that sees the spreading of beacons and epidemics, the sixth term of K&T DC was formed carrying in it unprecedented expectations and support from the residents.  As a district advisory organisation, the current term of K&T DC bears Hong Kong people's enormous aspirations of the times.  We will strive to take forward a democratic council, increase the transparency of K&T DC's work, promote democratic participation, and enhance residents' attention to district policies.

Strengthening youth work is an important part of the current term of K&T DC.  Through the establishment of a Youth Affairs Committee and the reform of the existing structure, K&T DC will fully promote the work to rejuvenate the community and spare no effort to respond to the demands of the public.  To build upon past achievements while beginning a new chapter, K&T DC will endeavour to ensure the proper use of public funds and urge government departments to respond to the demands of the public to lay the cornerstone for public engagement in the formulation of district policies and make Kwai Tsing District a safe, livable and diversified community.

This website provides basic information about K&T DC, including information and minutes of K&T DC meetings, introduction of K&T DC members and arrangement of programmes like the Meet the Public Scheme.  It is hoped that it can facilitate access by members of the public and make the meeting information more transparent and open.  If you have any views, suggestions or enquiries about the affairs in the district, you are also welcome to contact the members.

Mr SIN Chung-kai, SBS, JP
Chairman of the Kwai Tsing District Council