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Welcome Message

Mr SO Sai-chi, SBS, MH

Welcome Message by the Chairman of the North District Council

Welcome to the homepage of the North District Council.

The North District Council has all along been playing the role as a bridge between the Government and the district to facilitate communication of government policies and people’s views in order to assist the Government in district administration. Apart from reflecting views of local people to the Government, the Council also involves in management of district facilities such as libraries, community halls, leisure grounds and sports venues. The Council also makes use of funds allocated by the Government to carry out district minor works projects to improve the environment of the community, and subsidise local organisations to hold community activities for local people so that they can enjoy a colourful community life.

The Council endeavours to serve the residents of North District so that they can enjoy a good and prosperous life. Your opinions on the affairs of North District are most welcome and let us work together to build a liveable community.

Mr SO Sai-chi, SBS, MH

Chairman of North District Council