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吳仕福先生, SBS, JP

Chairman's Welcome Message by Mr. NG Sze-fuk, George, GBS, JP

Hello, welcome to Sai Kung District!

Sai Kung District consists of the rural areas and over 70 large or small islands of Sai Kung, as well as the Tseung Kwan O new town. While urbanization takes place at high speed, the natural beauty of rural areas of Sai Kung is preserved. It is also home to the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, where an ancient supervolcano of 140 million years old can be found. With these features, Sai Kung has become the “Back Garden of Hong Kong” – a place where residents of Hong Kong can enjoy hiking with tranquil and appealing scenery or delicious seafood during their leisure time. As for Tseung Kwan O, a fishing village and ship-building zone in Hang Hau Hui area in 1960s, is now transformed into a vibrant and dynamic new town with population of over 400,000. With continuous growth in population, together with the sustainable development of the community, the role played by the Sai Kung District Council (SKDC) has become increasingly important. Our objective is to serve as a bridge between the Government and the public with a view to building a healthy, safe and harmonious community together.

It was announced in the 2013 Policy Address that an allocation of $100 million would be earmarked for each District Council to implement one to two Signature Project Scheme (SPS) projects. To this end, the SKDC set up the Signature Project Scheme Committee (SPSC).  After detailed discussion, the SPSC selected two proposals (one for Tseung Kwan O new town and one for rural area) as the SPS projects of  Sai Kung, which were endorsed by the SKDC at its full meeting.  Issues related to the chosen projects will be discussed and followed up by the SPSC and working group under SPSC.  The agenda, minutes, audio recordings and discussion papers of the meetings will be uploaded to the SPSC webpage.


The SKDC has all along been attaching importance to the issues regarding how the Government manages waste and the South East New Territories (SENT) Landfill. After the "Hong Kong: Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022" was announced by the Environment Bureau, the SKDC would like to express its views to the Secretary for the Environment (SEN) directly. Hence, a meeting was arranged on 6 September 2013 with the SEN. During the meeting, SKDC Members actively raised a lot of constructive comments to the SEN, including how to improve the operation of the SENT Landfill and other related matters. Regarding a report in the news earlier that I agreed to the offer of compensation package as a condition to support the extension of the SENT Landfill, I would like to stress that the news report was a gross misrepresentation of the truth. I hereby state that I definitely had not agreed to the increase in funding for the SKDC and the construction of an indoor heated swimming pool as conditions to support the extension of the SENT Landfill. I had issued a statement (Chinese version only) to all SKDC Members in this regard.

Apart from the signature projects, the SKDC has also been implementing a number of minor works in the district to improve the environment of the community. The progress report of district minor works is available in this website. Public transportation service is closely related to the daily life of people. The change in service arrangements is a matter of concern for many members of the public. The Transport Department reports regularly to the SKDC on the major changes in public transportation service in Sai Kung district. The reports can be found in this website.

We hope that the information in this website could enable you to have a better understanding about our work. Your comments and advice are most welcome.

NG Sze-fuk, George, GBS, JP
Chairman of Sai Kung District Council

Dec 2013