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Chairman's Welcome Message by Mr. CHU Ching-hong, JP


Welcome to the Southern District Council’s homepage.


The Fourth Southern District Council of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was established on 1 January 2012.  I feel very honoured to be elected Chairman by the Members and have the opportunity to serve the Southern District.


The Southern District Council is committed to improving the environment of the district and, by acting as a bridge between the government and local residents, aims to ensure that the policies implemented and the public services and facilities provided by the government meet the needs of local community.  To achieve these objectives, we will continue to reflect residents’ views and make recommendations to the government on local affairs as well as territory-wide issues.  We will also undertake to continue with funding community building programmes, and various community involvement projects and minor works projects to provide a quality living environment for local residents.


In the near future, there will be a lot of new projects and developments going on in the district that will greatly benefit the local community.  For example, the commencement of the South Island Line (East) project will provide a faster and more convenient public transport service to and fro the district, and will give a new impetus to the development of the Southern District; and the beautification of the Aberdeen promenades and Ap Lei Chau Main Street will add an ambience of fishing village atmosphere to the sitting-out area for the enjoyment of local residents and visitors.  During the construction, we will closely monitor the works to ensure that the residents would not be seriously affected.  Also, we will maintain close communication and cooperation with the relevant departments to actively follow up other programmes under Aberdeen Tourism Project including the promotion of fishermen’s culture, the construction of landmarks along the Southern District Literary Trail and the enhancement of the “Southern District Tourism website” (www.travelsouth.hk), with a view to further developing tourism in the Southern District. 


To implement district works and review the effectiveness in a more systematic way, Southern District Council has established the work targets of the current term. I earnestly invite you to let us have your comments on how to better serve our community.  Your support and participation are very important for us to achieve the targets and build a better Southern District.



Chairman, Southern District Council

Mr. CHU Ching-hong, JP