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Welcome Message

Chairman, The Hon CHEUNG Hok-ming, GBS, JP

Chairman's Welcome Message by Mr CHEUNG Hok-ming, GBS, JP

Welcome to the homepage of the Tai Po District Council (TPDC). I hope that the information given here can give you a better picture of Tai Po District and the work of TPDC.

Tai Po was once an idyllic village town. After years of rapid development, it has transformed into a modern town with a population of about 300 000. Presently, it has seven public housing estates, over one hundred private housing estates and around 130 villages. Endowed with rich resources, beautiful landscape, renowned places and monuments, Tai Po District is a melting pot of new and traditional culture. It is a good place for living and leisure.

Since its establishment, TPDC has been serving as a bridge between people and the government, striving to promote the understanding between the two. In order to make Tai Po District an even better community, TPDC actively reflects people's views and advises the government on public policies and various district issues, including social welfare, people's livelihood, the provision of public facilities and services, environmental hygiene, leisure and sports etc.

The fifth-term TPDC has come into operation on 1 January 2016. Following our tradition, we will work closely with government departments, holding candid discussions and handling local affairs in an effective, fair and just manner.

On behalf of the TPDC, I sincerely invite you to give your opinions so that we can improve our work.

Mr CHEUNG Hok-ming, GBS, JP

Chairman of the Tai Po District Council