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Tsuen Wan DC Members

Ms LAM Yuen-pun

Ms LAM Yuen-pun

Elected member


Full-time District Council Member / Registered Social Worker

Political Affiliation

District Council Services
  • Member, District Council
  • Vice Chairman, Social Services and Community Information Committee
  • Member, District Facilities Management Committee
  • Member, Culture, Recreation and Sports Committee
  • Member, Traffic and Transport Committee
  • Member, Community Building, Planning and Development Committee
  • Member, Coastal Affairs Committee
  • Member, Environmental and Health Affairs Committee
  • Chairman, Working Group on Integrated Community Services
  • Vice Chairman, Working Group on Community Building Activities
  • Vice Chairman, Monitoring Group on Environmental Protection and Green Community
  • Vice Chairman, Monitoring Group on Public Health and Food Safety
  • Vice Chairman, Audit Group
  • Member, Finance and In-house Working Group
  • Member, Task Force on Tsuen Wan District Signature Project Scheme
  • Member, Working Group on Review of Structure for Committees under Tsuen Wan District Council
  • Member, Working Group on Activities
  • Member, Working Group on Duty Visit
  • Member, Task Force on Public Transport Network
  • Member, Working Group on Management of Community Halls
  • Member, Working Group on Development and Management of Recreation and Sports Facilities
  • Member, Culture, Arts, Recreation & Sports Development Group
  • Member, Working Group on Community Development and Planning
  • Member, Working Group on Industrial and Commercial Development
  • Member, Task Force on Environmental Pollution and Improvement
  • Member, Working Group on Age-friendly Community and Rehabilitation
  • Member, Working Group on Management of Facilities in the Coastal Area
  • Member, Working Group on Roof Cover for Passageway
  • Member, Working Group on Second Duty Visit
  • Member, Working Group on Traffic Review and Improvement Plans for Tsuen Wan Road and Associated Junctions
Address Shop 21B, Phase 1, Allway Gardens Shopping Centre, Allway Gardens, Tsuen Wan, NT
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