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Welcome Message

Chung Wai Ping
Vote of Welcome by the Chairman of Tsuen Wan District Council, Mr CHUNG Wai-ping, SBS, MH

Welcome to the Homepage of the Tsuen Wan District Council (TWDC).

TWDC is constituted under the District Councils Ordinance (Cap. 547).  With the fifth term of the TWDC coming into operation on 1 January 2016, we will continue to uphold the spirit of serving the public and advise the Government on district administrative affairs, promoting recreational and cultural activities in the district and enhancing the environment of the community.  You may contact the  TWDC Members  to give your valuable comments on development and other livelihood issues of the district.

To deepen your understanding of the TWDC, you can find the details of the TWDC including the information of its Members, structure, meetings, activities and highlights of Tsuen Wan District in this Website.

I sincerely hope that the TWDC can join hands with you to make our community better.

Mr CHUNG Wai-ping, SBS, MH

Chairman of Tsuen Wan District Council