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District Highlights

Area and Location

The total area of the Eastern District is about 1,800 hectares. The district lies in the north-eastern part of the Hong Kong Island, starting from the Fortress Hill in the western side, stretching eastward to North Point, Quarry Bay, Shau Kei Wan, Chai Wan and Siu Sai Wan.


According to the figures in 2016, the population of Eastern District is about 550,800, which occupies around 8% of the entire Hong Kong population. Based on the results of the Population and Household Statistics Analysed by District Council District 2015, the labour force participation rate in Eastern District is about 60% and the median monthly household income  is HK$31,300.

Public Housing

  under HKHA under HKHS
Rental estates 15 2
Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) 2 -
Home Ownership Scheme ( HOS ) 15 -
Private Sector Participation Scheme ( PSPS ) 9 -
Flat-for-Sale Scheme (FFSS) - 1


Eastern District is well-served by Mass Transit Railway (MTR), buses, trams, ferries and green mini-bus (GMB) services. The opening of the Eastern Harbour Crossing since 1989 has significantly improved traffic linkage across the harbour. There are 13 bus termini / public transport interchanges in the district, providing various bus and GMB routes for the Eastern District residents to and from Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.


Secondary schools: 36
Primary schools: 36
Special schools: 3
Institute of vocational education: 1 
University / Tertiary Institution: 2

Medical and Health Service

The Department of Health provides a wide range of health services in the district, including an Elderly Health Centre and Visiting Health Team, a Chest Clinic, a Pneumoconiosis Clinic, a Methadone Clinic, a Student Health Service Centre/Special Assessment Centre, a Social Hygiene Clinic, a Woman Health Centre, an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Unit, and an Adolescent Health Programme Office, and 3 Maternal & Child Health Centres.

Community and Recreational Facilities

Civic Centre: 1 
Community Centres / Community Halls: 6 
Libraries: 6
Sports Centres: 6
Swimming Pool: 3
Major Parks: 2
Sports Stadium: 1 
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence 
Hong Kong Film Archive

Major Reclamation Areas - Aldrich Bay

  • Formerly a typhoon shelter for fishing vessels
  • 28 hectares of reclaimed land to accommodate 37,000 people in Home Ownership Scheme and public and private housing

Major Reclamation Areas - Siu Sai Wan

  • A rapidly developing community built on cut slopes and reclaimed land since 1985
  • Includes both public rental, Home Ownership Scheme and private housing flats, now home to 70,000 persons
  • Community facilities such as schools, sportsground, public transport interchange and commercial complex

Famous Facilities and Events in Eastern District - Taikoo Shing

Taikoo Shing was formerly known as Taikoo Shipping Yard. The existing residential development in Taikoo Shing is composed of 61 blocks of private residential buildings. This area provides homes for about 40,000 people. In Taikoo Shing, there is the biggest shopping arcade in the Eastern District. Over 170 shops occupying a total area of around 2 million square feet are found inside the arcade providing a wide variety of amusement facilities.

Famous Facilities and Events in Eastern District - Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern HospitalPamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (PYNEH) was opened in 1993. The entire complex of PYNEH occupies a site area of 150,000 square metres. It is a major acute hospital serving the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island. It provides a comprehensive range of services, including 24-hour Accident and Emergency service, inpatient, outpatient and community out-reach services. As of 31 March 2018, there are a total number of 1,759 beds and a staff force of 4,960. PYNEH was successfully awarded full accreditation in September 2010 by the Australia Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to become the first public hospital in Hong Kong accredited under a pilot scheme.

The Hong Kong East Cluster Training Centre for Healthcare Management & Clinical Technology located at PYNEH was established in 2007. It is equipped with the first Endo-Laparoscopic Operating Theatre in Asia. It provides a training ground for professional, clinical and management training locally and of HK outbound areas. Besides, the world's first EndoLap Operation Room with high definition model of the Robotic Surgical System was opened in PYNEH in December 2009. With the new system, accuracy of operation is greatly enhanced.

To modernize its facilities and services, PYNEH set up the Autologous Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Centre in October 2011. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system was replaced in December 2011 and the PET/CT service commissioned in March 2012. In addition, the hospital is equipped with a Community and Patient Resources Centre. The entire hospital is centrally air-conditioned and many amenities are available including landscaped gardens, 24-hour convenience stores, visitor car parks, and canteen, etc.

The last Saturday of November in each year is designated as the “PYNEH Day”. Community participation in this annual fund raising event is warmly welcome.

PYNEH’s website:

Famous Facilities and Events in Eastern District - Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground

The Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground is located at Siu Sai Wan in Chai Wan. It occupies about 43,000 meter square and its construction costed $230 million. Opened in December 1996, the Sports Ground is a concrete structure built on a single level, with a permanent seating capacity of approximately 11,891. The Sports Ground is equipped with international standard facilities for holding football matches and modern athletic facilities conforming to the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Standard for track and field competitions. Hence, the well-equipped Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground is ideal for holding a wide variety of events from school sporting competitions to professional football matches.

Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground
Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground

Famous Facilities and Events in Eastern District - Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence is located in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong. It is converted from the Lei Yue Mun Fort, which has a history of more than one century. The Fort, built in 1880s by the British army to defend the eastern approach to the Victoria Harbour, was the most sophisticated coastal fortification at that time. The Redoubt, which is the heart of the Lei Yue Mun Fort, consists of 18 casemates and is armed with two 6 inch breech loading guns mounted on disappearing carriages. In view of its significance in the war history of Hong Kong, the former Urban Council then decided to convert it into a museum featuring the history of coastal defence in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence was opened to the public in July 2000. Since mid-September 2018, the Museum is closed for a major revamp for upgrading the visitor facilities and enriching the permanent exhibition. The Museum is targeted to be re-opened in 2020.

Famous Facilities and Events in Eastern District - Eastern District Tourist Trail (Shau Kei Wan Section)

In 1 December 2002, the Working Group on Tourism and Heritage in Eastern District under Eastern District Council launched the project called "Eastern District Tourist Trail ( Shau Kei Wan Section )" to enhance local residents’ and tourists' understanding on the history and culture of the Eastern District. The working group has also published a Visitor's Guide to introduce the attractions, local culture and custom within the tourist trail to all visitors.

Eastern District Tourist Trail
Eastern District Tourist Trail