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Meet the Public Scheme

Meet-the Public Scheme of Eastern District Council

Meet-the Public Scheme of Eastern District Council The “Meet-the-Public Scheme” of the Eastern District Council (EDC) has been introduced in Eastern District since March, 1983. The purpose of the scheme is to enhance the communication and linkage between the EDC and the residents within the district, whereby a channel is also provided to the citizens to request EDC members for assistance. In early stage, the scheme was conducted in a way that the EDC members take turns to meet the citizens regularly. Through this scheme, EDC members can understand better the problems and aspirations of the local people and strengthen mutual communication and help to solve related problems with a view to improving the residents’ quality of life. And when the need arises, EDC members will reflect the problems to the Government for more effective actions to be taken in order to solve the problems.


In order to make use of the resources more effectively and make the arrangement more flexible, with effect from January 2008, EDC has passed to adopt a simplified and more flexible arrangement to replace the mode of regular meeting in the past. At present, most of the EDC members have their own ward offices. If the residents of Eastern District wish to meet the EDC members, they can contact them directly or go to their ward offices to make an appointment, apart from this, the residents can also obtain the contacts of the EDC members and the address of their ward offices via the EDC Secretariat or the Public Enquiry Service Centre (PESC) of Eastern District Office (EDO) so as to make an appointment.

The details of the EDC Secretariat and the PESC of EDO are as follows:

  Address Telephone
EDC Secretariat 11/F, Eastern Law Courts Building, 29 Tai On Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong 2886 6508
PESC of EDO G/F, Eastern Law Courts Building, 29 Tai On Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong 2886 6531