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Eastern DC Members

Mr LEE Yue-shun

Mr LEE Yue-shun

Elected member

Kam Ping

Registered Social Worker

Political Affiliation

District Council Services
  • Member, District Council
  • Vice Chairman, Social Welfare and Elderly Committee (SWEC)
  • Member, Facilities Management, Culture and Leisure Committee (FMCLC)
  • Member, Food, Environment and Hygiene Committee (FEHC)
  • Member, Planning, Works and Housing Committee (PWHC)
  • Member, Finance and Vetting Committee (FVC)
  • Member, Special Committee on Examining Police Enforcement and Operation (SCEPEO)
  • Member, Working Group on Monitoring of District Works and Facilities
  • Member, Task Group on Community Engagement and Publicity
  • Member, Working Group on Youth Development and Community Building
  • Member, Working Group on Harbourfront Development and Housing Management
  • Member, Working Group on Recreation, Sports, Arts and Culture Development
Address Shop 25, 37A, Block C, Tung Fat Building, 37-43A Kam Ping Street, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel. No. 84810997
Fax No. 35443169
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