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Kwai Tsing DC Members

Miss LO Yuen-ting, MH

Miss LO Yuen-ting, MH

Chairman (Elected member)

Cheung Hang

Full-time District Council Member

Political Affiliation
Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong

District Council Services
  • Chairman, District Council
  • Member, Planning and District Facilities Management Committee
  • Member, Vetting Committee
  • Member, Community Affairs Committee
  • Member, Traffic and Transport Committee
  • Member, Youth Affairs Committee
  • Member, Housing Affairs Committee
  • Member, Recreation and Culture Committee
  • Member, Administration, Finance, Signature and other Community Healthcare Projects Committee
  • Chairman, Festivals Working Group
  • Member, Working Group on Safeguarding Against Novel Coronavirus (Non-Standing Working Group)
  • Member, Works and Development Working Group
  • Member, Community Building Working Group
  • Member, Youth Leadership Training Working Group
  • Member, Diversified Development Working Group
  • Member, Working Group on Health and Occupational Safety in the Community
  • Member, Environmental Hygiene and Climate Change Working Group
  • Member, Public Housing Affairs Working Group
  • Member, Cultures, Arts and Sports Promotion Working Group
  • Member, Bazaars and Markets Working Group
  • Member, Publicity and Community Relations Working Group
  • Member, Traffic Development Affairs Working Group
  • Member, Public Transport Working Group
Address Room 2A, G/F, Hang Lai House, Cheung Hang Estate, Tsing Yi, New Territories
Tel. No. 3462 2730 / 3462 2731/ 5483 7722
Fax No. 3462 2732
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