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District Highlights


Southern District
Southern District

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the Southern District is located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island with Big Wave Bay to the east and Pok Fu Lam to the west. With an area of about 4 000 hectares, the district covers nearly half of the Island encompassing Shek O, Tai Tam, Stanley, Chung Hom Kok, Repulse Bay, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau. To date, the district has a population of around 275 000. More details of the Southern District are available at the following website:

Spots of Interest

The Southern District has more famous bathing beaches than the other 3 districts on the Hong Kong Island. Please visit the following website for more details:



The Cyberport, Hong Kong's IT Flagship, is situated in Telegraph Bay, Pok Fu Lam. With an area of about 24 hectares, the infrastructural project comprises four Grade A office complexes, hotel, retail and entertainment centre and residences. Please visit the following website for more details:

Traffic and Transport Facilities

  • The Aberdeen Tunnel is the main access for traffic to and from the Southern District.
  • At present, major public transport mode inside the district includes public bus, mini-bus, green mini-bus and taxi.
  • The South Island Line (East) has commenced service on 28 December 2016.

Please visit the following website for more details:

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare Facilities

  • Six hospitals
  • Three clinics

Community and Recreation Facilities

  • Five community halls/centres under the purview of the Home Affairs Department
  • One outdoor pool complex
  • One track and field sports ground
  • Two water sports centres
  • Six sports centres/tennis and squash centre
  • Four libraries and five mobile library stops
  • 68 parks/sitting-out areas/children’s playgrounds/recreation grounds
  • Four country parks
  • 10 public bathing beaches

For information, please visit the following website:

Community and Recreation Facilities
Community and Recreation Facilities

Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park

Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park
Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park

Located at Lee Chi Road, Ap Lei Chau, Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park was officially open on 28 September 2009. The park has an area of 2.62 hectare.

Apart from a “Wind Tower” viewing deck and an exhibition gallery, the park features a multi-purpose concourse for an audience size of 300, an elevated viewing deck and several sitting-out areas for visitors to take a rest and view the scenery on the waterfronts of the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter. In addition, the park provides a pebble walking trail and fitness facilities for public use. For information, please visit the following website:

Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park
Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park

Education Facilities

  • 25 secondary schools
  • 27 primary schools
  • 40 kindergartens/nurseries

Public Housing

Public Housing
Public Housing

  • Eight public rental housing estates (including two estates under the Tenants Purchase Scheme)
  • Nine Home Ownership Scheme estates (including three estates under the Private Sector Participation Scheme)

District Profile

  • The Southern District has a population of about 275000, accounting for 3.7% of the total population in the territory. The median age is 43.9 years old (as compared to that of the total population in Hong Kong at 43.4 years old). The median monthly household income of a local family is $35,100 (as compared to that of the total households in Hong Kong at $30,450).
  • Around half of the population in the Southern District lives in public rental housing units. Large-scale public housing estates in the district include Wah Fu Estate, Shek Pai Wan Estate and Ap Lei Chau Estate. The rest of the population resides in private homes. Large-scale private residential developments include Baguio Villa, Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Aberdeen Centre, South Horizons, Bel-Air Residence, Redhill Peninsula and Hong Kong Parkview.
  • Despite that the Southern District has been developed into a modern industrial/commercial and residential district, most of its natural landscape, such as the scenic beaches and country parks, remain intact. Moreover, in the vicinity of Aberdeen and Stanley, some residents still keep traditional customs and rituals. The Aberdeen Fish Market and Typhoon Shelter boast the ambience of a fishing harbour. In addition, the Ocean Park in the district is a world-renowned theme park patroned by lots of tourists from the Mainland and overseas every day . All in all, the Southern District is a destination for most tourists.

    For more information, please visit the following website:

Major Local Organisations

  • Founded more than 30 years ago with the support of the Government, the Southern District Arts and Culture Association and the Southern District Recreation and Sports Association aim to promote culture, arts, recreation and sports development in the district. Each year, these two local organisations receive grants from the Government and the Southern District Council to organise an array of activities for the locals.
  • Under the framework of district administration, the Southern District has set up four area committees, namely “Southern District East Area Committee”, “Southern District South Area Committee”, “Southern District West Area Committee” and “Southern District North Area Committee”.
  • The Southern District has 6 residents’ associations, 7 fishery industry organisations, 20 women’s associations, 6 trade bodies, over 300 owners’ corporations and more than 60 mutual-aid committees.