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Meet the Public Scheme

The “Meet-the-Public” Scheme of Tai Po District Council (“TPDC”) aims at strengthening the direct communication between District Council Members and residents.  To optimise the use of resources and allow greater flexibility in the arrangement, the TPDC has ceased to hold regular meeting sessions with the public since October 2021.  Members of the public can contact TPDC Members directly or visit their ward offices to schedule a meeting with them.  The means of contact and the address of the ward offices of TPDC Members are available on the TPDC website, at the TPDC Secretariat or at the Public Enquiry Service Centre of Tai Po District Office.  Alternatively, members of the public can also schedule a meeting with TPDC Members via the TPDC Secretariat (Tel.: 3183 9438).
Please click here to view the contact information of each TPDC Member.