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District Highlights


Sam Tung Uk Folk Museum

Sam Tung Uk Folk Museum

Tsuen Wan was the first new town to be developed in Hong Kong. It covers an area of about 62 square kilometres and is home to a population of 320 000 odd. The industrial and commercial activities in Tsuen Wan grew rapidly early on, though nowadays most of the industrial buildings have been either knocked down or adapted for other purposes in line with the industrial decline of Hong Kong.

Tsuen Wan has become the transportation centre for the western part of the New Territories as well as a gateway to the airport due to the rapid changes of recent years. Tourists will certainly be impressed by the magnificent Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge when they enter the city.

Although many private housing estates and commercial building have been built here in recent years, there remains much about Tsuen Wan which reveals the rural life of the past, such as the Sam Tung Uk Museum, located near Tsuen Wan MTR station, and the "Kowloon Gate" on Ma Wan Island.


In addition, Tsuen Wan is a district with many temples and monasteries like the Yuen Yuen Institute, the Western Monastery, and the Chuk Lam Sim Yuen. These places are crowded with faithful worshippers and sightseers every day.

Visitors can also try the famous gourmets in Sham Tseng, and perhaps enjoy a walk on the beach nearby, listening to the soothing sound of the waves. For those who prefer a more adventurous time, Tsuen Wan has plenty to offer. You can visit Tai Mo Shan Country Park, for instance, where the hiking gives spectacular views over Tsuen Wan and Kowloon.

If you would like to find out more about the natural scenery and local characteristics of Tsuen Wan, do not hesitate to come and experience the captivating charm of the district.

Yuen Yuen Institute
Yuen Yuen Institute