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Welcome Message

Chairman, Mr LI Tak-hong, BBS, MH, JP

Chairperson's welcome speech
The year of 2019 marks the beginning of a new era with the awakening of the Hong Kong people. Members of the sixth-term Wong Tai Sin (WTS) District Council (DC) have been successfully returned with a record high turnout rate of over 70% of the electorate.
Over 180,000 registered electors of the WTS District have cast their votes in the election. With an approximated population of 420,000 in the District, it means that two out of every five WTS residents have made their voices heard. Such active participation reflects their high expectations for the newly elected DC. As such, the incumbent DC will strive to enhance the transparency of its operations, promote residents’ participation in district affairs and ensure a more efficient and diverse use of public money. Furthermore, a task force will be established to keep an eye on the potential power abuse and wrongful actions of the law enforcement officers so that the rights of WTS residents can be upheld. 
With the strong support from and in face of the high expectations of WTS residents, we, the 25 of WTSDC members will all unite and stand as one, committing ourselves to making the District a better place to live and work in.

Mr. HUI Kam-shing
Chairman of the Wong Tai Sin District Council