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Kowloon City DC Members

Mr HE Huahan

Mr HE Huahan

Elected member

Kai Tak East

Full-time District Council Member

Political Affiliation

District Council Services
  • Member, District Council
  • Chairman, Traffic and Transport Committee
  • Member, Culture, Recreation and District Facilities Management Committee
  • Member, Housing and Development Planning Committee
  • Member, Social Services Committee
  • Member, Environmental Hygiene and Sustainable Development Committee
  • Member, Non-standing Working Group on Epidemic Prevention of Kowloon City District Council
  • Member, Working Group on Concern over Illegal Parking and Related Matters in Kowloon City District
  • Member, Working Group on Matters Relating to Railways
Address G/F, Carpark, Tak Long Estate, Kowloon City, Kowloon
Tel. No. 2385 1522 / 2385 1922 / 6777 5350
Fax No. 2385 3329
E-mail Address
Website -